Programming Work Wanted?

Programming Work Wanted?

We build best in class full scalable Online Transaction Processing Systems using the latest versions of java, php, and mysql. Our work is done on time with quality and precision for very reasonable prices. You can follow every phase of your work both online in the development incubator and see the tasks being completed real time in our Task Management System

We build Custome Online Betting Exchange Platforms using our custom framework and the latest opensource technologies from Sun MicroSystems. Interested parties can contact us at 866.978.1008 or direct your inquiries to


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Exotic Bet Fact Sheet

Keywords: exotic bets, exacta, perfecta, trifecta, superfecta,

Exotic bets are not really as exotic as it sounds. Basically, the term exotic bets mean any kind of bets or wager placements that do not fall into the category of straight betting. Straight betting is limited to win, place and show bets. The exact origin of this term is pretty much undetermined, but indubitably this practice begun when players saw the low payoffs derived from straight betting. With a couple of notes in mathematics, and a lot of sprucing on their handicap skills, seasoned players begun staking bankrolls on these so-called exotic tickets hoping for the huge pay-off because of its higher win-frequency. Others prefer the small, but consistent financial gain that these exotic bets bring. There are many types of wager placement that falls under the category of exotic bets. Some of them include: exacta, quinella, trifecta, and the superfecta, to name a few.

Exacta or perfecta involves placing one bet on two horses in one race. The player wins the bet if his two chosen racing horses finish in the first and second places respectively or exactly as the player had specified. Exacta odds are often displayed on the tote boards or on rotating bet display monitors at various points around the race track. For online wagering systems, exacta odds can be found on specific parts of the website.

Quinella also involves placing one bet on two horses in one race. The player wins if his two chosen horses finish in the first and second places in any order. Quinella odds are displayed too exactly like the Exacta odds.

Trifecta is trickier, involving one bet on three horses in one race; and those horses must finish in the first, second and third places respectively or exactly as the player had specified. The pay-off on this bet will always be better than the Exacta bets or the Quinella bets because of the level of difficulty. However, because of the possible combinations for Trifecta wagers, odds are not usually displayed.

Superfecta involves the placement of one bet on four horses in one race; and those horses must finish in the first, second, third and fourth places respectively or exactly as the player had specified. Among the three previously mentioned bets, the superfecta has the highest pay-offs of them all.

New York Racing Association Fact Sheet

Keywords: New York Racing Association, NYRA, Aqueduct Racetrack

The New York Racing Association or NYRA is a non-profit management group that runs the three largest thoroughbred horse racing tracks in the New York state: the Saratoga Race Course, Belmont Park and the Aqueduct Racetrack. In its earlier years, NYRA also held the Old Jamaica Race Course, but the site has since been demolished and built over.

The Saratoga Race Course which opened in 1863 has been the home of the annual six-week long Travers Stakes, the oldest major thoroughbred horse race in the USA. The race course also has two well known monikers: The Spa - a reference to the nearby mineral springs, and The Graveyard of Favorites - a reference to the fact that most of the major upsets in horse race history have occurred here.

Belmont Park in Elmont, Long Island, is situated just outside the city of New York, and is home to the Belmont Stakes and the third leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. Belmont is also distinctly known as one of the most elite horse tracks in the world.

Lastly, the Aqueduct Racetrack, also known as the “Big A” is situated in the neighborhood of South Ozone Park in Queens, New York City. It is a historically monumental race track that dates back to 1894. It had once hosted the prestigious Jockey Club Gold Club (1958 and 1974) and the second ever Breeders’ Cup World Championships in 1985. The Big A is also the headquarters of the New York Racing Association.

NYRA officially came to being on April 1, 1958 and has been in operation since. This organization remains as one of the most powerful racetrack operators in the thoroughbred business. NYRA is famous for its year-round racing operation in all over New York, and sponsors both the Triple Crown and the Triple Tiara of Thoroughbred Racing. The association’s main strength is its ability to cater to all types of bettors – from the elitist crowd to the blue collars, and everyone else in between. Their years of experience have made them one of the most trusted names in the wagering pool. These days, NYRA is reaching out to online players, and have thus incorporated online wagering systems on their site

A brief definition of the betting strategy called hedging

Title  : Applying Hedge Bets

Hedging is one of the oldest, if not the most prominent horse betting strategy in the history of horse racing. Basically, it means that you place a normal or on-the-nose bet on the runner you desire; at the same time, you make additional wagers on two or more horses, just in case your runner falls short at the finish line. These additional wagers or hedge bets or so-called savers can come in different forms. It can be a bet on the same runner, but instead of an on-the-nose bet, it will be a to-place bet or an each way bet. This basically means that you are betting on your chosen runner to finish either 1st or 2nd place. The term in-the-money means you are placing a wager on your chosen horse when and if it lands on 1st, 2nd place or 3rd place. 

Another type of hedging bet is to place savers on a horse or two “to-place,” or simply subscribe wagers on the exacta box at the betting office or on an online betting exchange or with a bookie. You can also place savers on three other horses with an “in-the-money” type of wager, or an “each way” bet. Usually, hedge bets like these are considerably smaller in monetary units than the “normal” bets – this translates to less margin profits. This is because hedge bets are merely collaterals or guarantees that the bettor will not go home with just a losing ticket stub in his pocket. 

However simple as this betting strategy sounds, placing hedge bets anywhere is actually a complicated process that even seasoned bettors still struggle with. Choosing a likely winner is difficult enough; handicapping the racing field to a couple of potential contenders is even more difficult. Seasoned bettors usually have worked out their own system to calculate the odds either stacked against or in favor of their chosen runners. One more disadvantage to hedge bets is that: like everything else in a race horsing event, this entails money – so unless you really have enough to place on one or more hedge bets, hedging is out of the question.  

Some online betting arenas are offering a more simplistic solution to computing hedge bets. Although this software, known as the hedging bet calculator, is not totally fool-proof, there are a lot of Internet takers. The calculator is completely automated and is very easy to use. All a player has to do is to enter some pertinent data (i.e. player’s commission rate, stake money and odds used to back or lay the runner) and let the tool calculate a player’s potential net gain on the outcome of the race. Nonetheless, the difficult part of handicapping the playing field still rests on the player’s ability to narrow down runners in an event.

Freelance Writers

KANATI INC a Software Development and I.T Management Company is looking for Freelance Writers
(National Capital Reg - Pasig City)


  • Work will involve article writings and research on a wide variety of topics.

  • Write SEO friendly article that can make our sites extremely visible on search engine

  • Write quality keyword lists, optimize Title and Meta tags and keyword-rich text


  • 500 words article including title, short descriptions and keywords

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  • Required skill(s): Excellent Written Skills

  • Required language(s): English

  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.

If you’re interested to work with Kanati Inc, please submit 3 samples of your work and your contact information (Full Name, Cell phone Number, Home Address, and E-mail Address) to or you can apply at

For other information please visit our website:


Kanati, Inc.

We are a team of programmers, mathematicians and artists that specialize in creating web or desktop applications for ecommerce or pari-mutuel racing platforms. We create these solutions using the latest open source technologies from Sun Micro Systems, AJAX, Java, JSP, PHP, MySQL and Linux.

(National Capital Reg - Pasig City)


  • Design, develop, and maintain web based and desktop applications

  • Create, construct, and maintain interactive processes for web sites

  • Work with software development teams to reengineer and migrate current applications to intranet applications

  • Assist in continued enhancement and improvement by recognizing trouble spots and recommending solutions

  • Develop prototypes and/or functional/technical specs to meet business needs

  • Code and test software changes in accordance with department and generally accepted standards

  • Maintain/Upgrade applications and other developers code when necessary

  • Provide user and production operational support as required for systems under the department’s responsibility

  • Performs other special tasks that may be assigned.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Management Information Systems, Mathematics, Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.

  • Required skill(s): JSP, J2SE (java) coursework in college or equivalent experience.

  • Preferred skill(s): Design, develop, and maintain web based and desktop applications, J2EE, JSP, web services

  • Min. of 2 years programming experience focused on web application development using Java servlet and JSP technologies.

  • Applicants must be willing to work in Pasig City.

  • Applicants should be Filipino citizens or hold relevant residence status.

  • Full-Time and Contract position available.

  • Required language(s): English.

Qualified applicants may send their comprehensive resumé (MS Word format with picture) to Please indicate the position you are applying for on the subject line. Or you can visit www.

Kanati, Inc.

Unit 2203, The Orient Square Building

Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center

1605 Pasig City

Office Administrator

Office Administrator

Office Administrator

(National Capital Reg - Pasig City)


  • Oversee accounting, H.R and Administrative functions.

  • The Office Administrator will report directly to the CEO.

  • Oversee all personnel contracts and staff benefits.

  • Instituting and maintaining proper staff records including attendance, timesheets, vacation leaves, sick leaves and recovery leaves.

  • Monitoring and reporting.

  • Handling of corporate events as determined by Management.

  • Ensuring full compliance, implementation and adherence to governing labor laws, the Publicis Corporate Policies, HR and admin-related company policies, principles of good practice and professional conduct.

  • Handling office maintenance, housekeeping, janitorial and other related administrative functions.

  • Supplies and logistics acquisition; price and terms negotiation; inventory control, issuance and maintenance; and supplier payments.

  • Assisting in travel, legal and other requirements.


  • Candidate must possess Bachelor degree in Business Management/Administration or equivalent

  • Not over 30 years old

  • Minimum of 3 YEARS experience in Human Resource and Administration Management

  • MBA is a plus but not required

  • Organize and can delegate task effectively

  • Have keen attention to details

  • With good people skills

  • Excellent Communication skill: English

If you are interested, send your resume as to with subject “HR/ADMIN MANAGER: yourname”.

For other information please visit our website:

Kanati, Inc.
Unit 2203, The Orient Square Building
Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center
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The Executive Secretary to the President and Chairman is respon


The Executive Assistant provides a wide range of administrative and general support duties to the CEO. Requires a high level of tact and integrity. Makes high-level contacts

of a complex nature inside and outside the company. Deals with a wide range of problems and exercises judgment within generally defined practices and policies.


  • Assists CEO by screening all calls, composing business correspondence, managing calendars and all scheduling

  • Coordinates and books domestic and international travel plans

  • Proactively seeks ways to relieve executives of administrative detail

  • Provides discrete and confidential coordination of sensitive company and non-company information

  • Provides reminders of upcoming meetings, events and schedules

  • Composes correspondence and prepares presentations, reports, spreadsheets, meeting minutes and other business information; formats and integrates charts and text from various sources into meeting documents

  • Maintains appropriate filing of personal and professional documentation

  • Act as CEO proxy to communicate with staff when CEO is not around.


  • Single, female between 22 - 32 years old

  • Fluent in spoken and written English

  • Classy, presentable and can carry themselves with self-confidence

  • Should be comfortable with people at all levels

  • Japanese and Korean language skills are a plus.

  • An understanding about business development processes.

  • Excellent organizational and administrative skills

  • Expert skills with Microsoft Office.

  • Flexibility to work with the demands of supporting executive level functions

  • Committed to do what it takes to get the job done

  • You must have a pro-active attitude and creative problem solving skills

  • Drivers License is a plus


  • Bachelors Degree in any course.

Qualified applicants may send their comprehensive resumé (MS Word format with picture) to Please indicate the position you are applying for on the subject line.

Kanati, Inc.

Unit 2203, The Orient Square Building

Emerald Ave., Ortigas Center

1605 Pasig City

The Skinny on Totalisators

The totalisator (also spelled with a letter “z”) or the tote board is a common feature among race horse betting offices these days. Although  these  two  terms  are  often  used  interchangably, there  is  a  difference between the two. Basically, a tote board is a large alphanumeric display  often  positioned  in  front  of  the  grandstand  area that showcases information about the current or upcoming races in an event. Part and parcel of the tote board’s displayed data are the current odds and pay-offs for each runner or racing horse.

A totalisator however, is more than just a display screen that aids the players with their wagers. It is the  generic  name of a computerized  system  which  runs  pari-mutuel  (paramutuel) betting,  calculating payoff  odds,  displaying  the  current  odds  against  each  runner  and  producing or pays  tickets  based on incoming bets.

The  very  first  totalisator  was  a  mechanical  system  invented  by  a  certain George  Julius of Julius Pool & Gibson Pty Ltd,  and  was utilized  for  the  first  time  at  a horse racing  event  in  New  Zealand  in  1913.  The  United  States  installed  its  first  totalisator  almost  twenty  years  later  at  the  Arlington  Park  race  course  in  Chicago.  By 1966, with the introduction of new technology, the mechanical system had given way to a new and faster batch of electronic totalisators.  Today,  most  systems  are  superseded  by  general  purpose  computers  which  run  specialized wagering  software.  Some  highly  specialized  software  even  carry  off-track  and  on-track  betting  system  that follow  and  display  race  results  and  winning  tickets.  Some of them may even broadcast race simulcasting, as with some cases for online betting stations. 

Pari-mutuel, on the other hand, comes  from  a  French  term  which  means  “group  betting.” This  is  a  reference  to  the  fact  that  this  type  of  wagering  system  needs  the  cooperation  of  a  group  of  players in order to gain higher benefits for each race. Pari-mutuel  betting  is,  in  reality,  a  form  of  betting  whose  accumulated  wagers  are  pooled  together  before a  race  or  an  event  and  is  distributed  among  the  players  who  managed  to   place  money  on  a  winning  runner. The sheer number of wagers placed on a runner helps:  one, increase the purse money at stake; and two, increase or decrease its betting odds.

Given  accurate  information  of  their  prospective  winning,  and  the  odds  given  to  each  runner,  seasoned players would  know when to make wagers  that  would  earn  them  a  tidy  profit. In  today’s  fast  paced  betting   systems, information  is  a  vital  tool  at  the  race  tracks.  Computerized  systems  that  are  available  over  the  Internet  has  helped  increase  the  number  of  players  for  each  race. This  means,  that  stakes  are  also  pushed  higher,  affording  potential  winners  faster  and  more  accurate  data  with  bigger  purse  money.  This type of wagering system is also an  advantage  of  the  house  by  ensuring  that for  each  bet,  a  certain  percentage  is  already  dedicated  to their  betting  office’s  funds.